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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Sore throat may cause bad breath

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As you know I treat bad breath patients every day. I am able to get individual readings of all the different bad breath gases. The most difficult gas to treat is Dimethyl Sulphide. This gas comes from proteins caught at the back of the throat or on the gag reflex line of the tongue.

This means in times of an acute sore throat, there would be an extreme increase in the activity of these bacteria. I am starting however to see a trend where people report a sore throat occurring as the start of their bad breath problems.

This means that some bacteria that may cause issues are able to remain at the throat/tongue interface and make a new home. Generally the patient can smell the Dimethyl Sulphide all day, but the actual amounts of gas are so small that there is not enough escaping for the public to smell. So people around the sufferer tell them they so not have bad breath.

These patients are called Halitophobics. And up until we used our Halicheck Gas Chromogrpah they were unable to be diagnosed and properly treated. But now I am able to clearly identify these people and treat them. Please call me for more information about how we do this.

Also please post your stories if you feel this is the type of bad breath you suffer from. I would love to add your data to our evolving science.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Bad Breath and Heart Disease

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Results from our online Quiz reveal that over 80% of people have some form of gum disease and do not clean regularly!!!

Well now studies are showing that apart from this laziness causing bad breath, the bacteria you are allowing to grow in your gums can be more sinister.

A large study published in the British Medical Journal showed a 70 percent increase in risk of cardiovascular disease in people who neglect to brush twice a day (De Olivera C, 2010). People with inflammation in their gums and gum disease have been shown to have systemic inflammation and an increased risk of heart disease. People who get treatments for their gums, get a reduction in the systemic inflammation. The same bugs found in the inflamed gums are found in plaques that plug up the coronary arteries of the heart causing heart attack.

It is now widely accepted that bacteria from your mouth can travel into your blood stream, and cause a multitude of issues. Do you need more motivation to brush and floss.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Does Insurance Cover Teeth Whitening Gel Costs?

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Questions involving teeth whitening gels and insurance covering them come up very often through potential whitening patients. The fact is, most people cannot afford extra cosmetic type procedures done to them in the hopes that their physical appearance will be changed for the better. This is especially true of those who are living in today’s rough economy, as many people are feeling the sting of the unfortunate financial crisis occurring at the moment. Due to this, there are many people were wondering if the dental insurance covers teeth whitening procedures, allowing them to get the results they desire in their mouth without paying through the nose.

Unfortunately, the answer is in most cases, no. The simple and quick answer is no, your dental plan isn’t likely to cover whitening procedures, and the reason for that is because insurance typically only covers the “needs” of your body, and enhancing your physical appearance is simply a “want.” For instance, if you had a cavity and were in pain, your insurance would likely cover that cost for the most part. But when you only want too whiten your teeth as a way to look better in public, they classify that as a “want” and will decline it.

There are some cases where you can get certain “cosmetic” type dental procedures covered by insurance, but only with the caveat that they are lumped into the restoration category which can help prolong or maintain the health of your teeth or dental area. This includes certain types of braces, as well as special types of porcelain veneers, but very, very rarely will they include a straight whitening session for your teeth.

However, there are certain exceptions that can be made into the dental coverage aspect of insurance. For instance, there are certain dental plans which provide financial assistance for these cosmetic procedures, allowing you to receive money off the whitening process despite the fact it is cosmetic and not an emergency health operation. There are some plans that will allow you to receive discounts and percentages off of routine cleaning, as well as some types of x-rays and checkups, etc.

When it comes to finding out whether or not your insurance plan will cover a teeth whitening procedure, it is in your best interest and highly recommended that you speak personally with your insurance provider in an effort to find out specifically what you are covered for. It is highly recommended that if you were looking to purchase an insurance plan specifically for dental, you ask many questions specifically about why tuning and other dental procedures before committing to that particular plan. There are many different variables and facets which come into play, making this a tricky subject. It is best that you talk specifically with your current or potential insurance companies to receive a specific answer immediately.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Can You Mix Whitening Gel Into Invisalign Braces?

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Many people who are curious about teeth whitening gel are already employing certain methods to improve the quality of their teeth. That’s why you hear so many questions about using teeth whitener gel along with certain other tooth enhancement procedures. For instance, you’ll often hear people asking if they should use whitening gel with braces, which is a valid question. And another very similar one is if people should inject whitening agents into their Invisalign straightening braces.

The answer is very similar to the standard braces question which is linked above: no. The reason is different though, but the overall point is the same. Your Invisalign braces are designed specifically to do one thing and that is straightening the posture of your teeth into a more natural looking fit. If the makers of this product had intended for you to inject whitening agents in order for it to double as a whitening tray, they clearly would have made this known to you in the first place.  As a stance, Invisalign mouthpieces are an excellent tool to straighten your teeth with camouflaged braces, but should only be treated as such.
It is best to buy a separate custom bleaching tray if you would like your teeth whitener, rather than risk ruining an expensive Invisalign brace by attempting to make it a double as a mouth tray.  If you would like a more definitive answer than it is best you send your questions to the staff and professionals at the Invisalign web site.  You can also talk to your dentist or orthodontist who will also give you sound advice due to their intelligence in the field.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

10+ Tips on How to Eat Carbs

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First οf аƖƖ, carbs аrе nοt necessarily thе enemy. Thеу саn actually bе уουr best fаt burning
friends – IF уου usе thеm strategically.
Anԁ, іf уοu really want tο control fаt loss once аnԁ fοr аƖƖ, іt’s crucial fοr уου tο understand
thе pros аnԁ cons οf carb intake. Trust mе, іt саn bе a Ɩονе-hаtе relationship.

Thе Pros οf Carbs

1. Carbs аrе muscle sparing. In οthеr words, thеу preserve аnԁ prevent thе breakdown οf lean
calorie burning muscle tissue.
2. Thеу provide energy tο thе brain аnԁ thе body.
3. Thеу hеƖр spark ουr metabolism аnԁ keep іt elevated tο prevent metabolic slowdown аnԁ keep
hormones іn check.
4. Thеу stimulate insulin, whісh leads tο a very a nabolic/muscle building environment (thіѕ іѕ
kind οf a catch 22 аѕ уοu’ll read іn a second).

Thе Cons οf Carbs

5. Carbs spike insulin levels аnԁ elevate blood sugar. It’s аƖmοѕt impossible tο burn body fаt іn
thе presence οf high insulin levels. (hence – thе catch 22 above)
6. Consuming tοο many carbs over lengthy periods οf time саn lead tο a lot οf fаt spillover, whісh
leads tο excess fаt storage. Thіnk obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.
7. Carbs (especially processed carbs) аrе thе mοѕt abused nutrient frοm both a health аnԁ fаt
loss perspective.
8. Excess carb intake сrеаtеѕ a lot οf water retention, whісh leads tο a soft look ѕο іt mаkеѕ
уοu look аnԁ feel bloated.
9. Processed carbs hіԁе nasty fillers аnԁ chemicals thаt саn potentially lead tο severe
health challenges. Wе call thеѕе obesity additives.
10. Additionally, processed carbs Ɩіkе grains contain “anti-nutrients” аnԁ gluten thаt саn block
fаt-loss аnԁ potentially cause various types οf autoimmune diseases.
Now уοu саn see whу people thіnk уοu саn јuѕt сut out carbs tο lose weight. But thеrе’s obviously a
lot more tο іt bесаυѕе wе need carbs tο stay healthy аnԁ keep ουr metabolism hарру аnԁ burning
11. Additionally, low carb diets οnƖу work fοr 4 tο 7 days аt a time before уουr thyroid аnԁ leptin
levels react negatively tο ѕƖοw metabolic rate аnԁ suppress fаt burning hormones.
Now уοu саn see thе crux οf carb intake. It саn bе a double-edged sword.
Thаt’s whу уοu gotta ɡеt “sneaky” аnԁ cycle уουr carb intake tο maximize both уουr health аnԁ long
term fаt-loss.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Is Filing Medical Bankruptcy My Only Choice?

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The American Journal of Medicine recently published a study on bankruptcy and medical bills. The study’s major points were:
- Approximately 75% of people filing medical bankruptcy are have health care coverage.
- Medical bills are a major factor in over 60% of bankruptcies.
- The majority of people facing bankruptcy and medical bills are middle class individuals who own their homes.

You may wonder how this is possible – don’t we pay for health insurance to prevent filing medical bankruptcy? Unfortunately, the reality is that health insurance just doesn’t cover everything. And if you are suffering from a long term or chronic illness, you may find yourself quickly overwhelmed with medical expenses. There are a couple of reasons for this:
1. A large number of conditions and treatments fall into “coverage gaps.” Additionally, charges like coinsurance fees and copays can quickly add up. Insurance coverage is not all inclusive.
2. Illness may cause loss of income. There are some laws in place to protect your job if you are ill; however, many people still lose income due to illness. Many even lose their job, and then their health plan leading to bankruptcy and medical bills.
Before you consider filing medical bankruptcy, keep in mind that you have some options. Many health care providers and hospitals will consider working with you to get paid. For example, there are payment plans, discounted rates or free care based on income. But if your medical bills have gone to collections and you are being harassed for payment, it may be time to take the next step. A bankruptcy attorney can discuss bankruptcy and medical bills and explain the process of filing medical bankruptcy. They can also help you come up with a plan based on your specific situation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Alta White Review

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Getting whiter teeth doesn’t have to involve a trip to the dentist, it doesn’t have to be costly and it doesn’t have to take hours or require messy applicators.

At least that’s what Alta White promises when it comes to giving you whiter teeth, brighter and healthy teeth. Alta White teeth whitener is really actually a unique teeth whitener. To use this patented teeth whitener, you dip an applicator into a special teeth whitening powder and cover your teeth.

Each of the swabs that come in the kit act as the applicators and every supply comes with 24 applicators, essentially you use the treatment twice a day and use a different applicator for your top and bottom teeth (so 4 applicators a day and each box lasts 6 days). Of course if you feel like you can get by just using Alta White once a day, and many people do, you can double how long each supply lasts.

Each applicator is filled with a liquid formula specifically made to work with the powder to give you a whiter smile. The swabs come pre-made with a liquid made of glycerin, water, methylparaben, peppermint flavor and FD & C Blue 1.

The powder comes individually packaged in a jar and made with some of the best teeth whitening ingredients including Magnesium (used primarily to Whiten the teeth) and Aluminum Trihydroxide (included as a teeth polisher). This powder works to remove all kinds of stains from the teeth whether the stains come from coffee, tea or tobacco use. Alta White makers promise this is strong enough to whiten any level of discoloration and helps remove some powerful stains.

It is simple to use, but the real question people obviously care about is, does it work to whiten your teeth?
And that’s really what matters, and we’ve seen Alta White work for about 95% of those people who have used and who we tested it on. That’s a really outstanding percentage considering this is an at home teeth whitener. It’s definitely stronger than the whiteners you’ll find on your local grocery store shelves.

When we compared it to other treatments, including treatments you can only get at the dentist, Alta White is a great value. The fact that more and more people are discovering how it works and seeing that this unique applicator/powder mix can work, is only another indicator that you’ll be satisfied with Alta White after 6 days, or 12 days if you decide to use it just once a day, which will work but probably not as fast.

Alta White Pros

  • Works even on tough stains
  • Easy to Use
  • Quick to use
  • Nice peppermint flavor (afterall it does go in your mouth so you will taste it
  • Works in less than a week

Alta White Cons

  • Can get messy with the powder and applicator
  • May take more than one supply for really yellow teeth